The Dream of Ding Village

"Everything is so simple and general, it seems that too many processes and details have been omitted."

The Dream of Ding Village isn't exactly what it seems...

According to many sources, China is a glamourus place of high technology and consumer culture. Many of the public hold the belief that life in the area is bright, overwhelming, and incredibly stimulating. However, I couldn't disagree more. While I understand why some people might think what they do, the truth is that life is so much more complicated than television, food, and luxury. In fact, all of the characters are suffering from of mental illness, which has complicated their lives in unpredictable ways. Knowing they don't have much time left and seeking justice without class or style, it is clear the novel won't end on anything but a somber note.

Looking back in time, hysteria has been an ongoing disorder among masses for centuries. Starting over hundreds of years ago, hysteria has been a thing that took over groups of people swiftly. Starting with one person, then two, then more and more, hysteria is a thing that can drive people to insanity. Please considers going to the DIAGNOSES page to learn more about what exactly ails those of Ding Village, and what it means.